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The Purpose of the Church Health Assessment

We want to help your church to be as healthy as it can be and flourish. The task is to biblically contextualize your church’s ministries to a dynamic & rapidly evolving culture.

The purpose of our Church Health Assessment is to help the church:

  • Discover areas of ministry that are strong and capitalize on them,
  • Discover areas that need attention and address them,
  • Lessen the loss of momentum,
  • Discover how to mine the potential of your ministries,
  • Chart a path toward health and kingdom growth, and
  • Experience more joy and fruitfulness in ministry.


“The world in front of you is nothing like the world behind you.”

Now it is even more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

– Ted Bolsinger

The Process

This assessment will involve a comprehensive examination using applied analytics based on scientific research and hundreds of proven data points, plus the experience of veteran church leaders. Includes:

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Preparation Phase

This is a discovery process of determining the church’s and the community’s culture and demographics.

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Congregational Survey

We survey a statistically valid sample of the congregation with both objective and subjective data that is highly comprehensive.

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Personal Interviews

These interviews will be used to validate the survey results and expand the assessment’s comprehensiveness.

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On-Site Visit

This visit will also be used to further validate the survey, as well as the cultural assessment.

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Assessment Report

This confidential report will be made to the church’s leadership, presented in a dynamic discussion format.

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Strategic Planning & Implementation

How do we lead a congregation to be faithful to God’s mission when the world is changing so quickly and radically? We help you form a Strategic Planning & Implementation Team

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The Team-Building Workshop

It will be crucial for this Team to work together well. This workshop will help them become a highly effective team.

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Executive Coaching

12 months of virtual executive coaching will assist the Team through a monthly review of progress and management of the strategic plan

Our Church Health Assessment Team

Our team has over 215 collective years of experience working with scratch church plants to churches of over 5,000.


Rod Entrekin

Executive Dir.

Steve Harden SQUARE

Steve Harden

Church Health Assessor

Bob Cargo SQUARE

Bob Cargo

Church Health Assessor

Clyde Godwin SQUARE

Clyde Godwin

Church Health Assessor

Wesley Horne SQUARE

Wesley Horne

Church Health Assessor

Karen Collins

Karen Collins

Executive Assistant

Imagine a flourishing church where

  • People are passionate about God.
  • The worship is inspiring.
  • Organizational structures are healthy and functional.
  • Ministries are oriented by giftedness.
  • Evangelism is need-oriented.
  • The leadership empowers people.
  • Small groups are holistic.
  • Relationships are loving.
  • An environment of grace is evident.

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